The ELTC course in the English Language Preparatory Program is designed so that language instructors receive:

  • Guidance and support from course tutors to help develop a better understanding of the institutional teaching context and methodology;
  • A broad range of input from course tutors through face-to-face input sessions;
  • Additional support from course tutors through one-on-one tutorials;
  • On-line access to course resources and supplementary tasks;
  • Structured background reading, lesson planning and reflection on teaching practice through the required assignments;
  • A deeper conceptual understanding of teaching and learning a foreign language;
  • A range of techniques to further develop and improve classroom practice.

Regular ELTC group meetings are held to discuss classroom-related issues, reflect on teaching practice, as well as exchange ideas and experiences. All the sessions and materials used on ELTC are relevant to the institution and its needs. These regular meetings also create a supportive teaching community for new staff while they acclimatize to the new working environment in the English Language Preparatory Program.