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Course Content and Pedagogical Approach

The pedagogical approach followed on the ELTC course in the English Language Preparatory Program reflects constructivist and progressivist educational philosophies with the aim of helping language instructors develop as autonomous and competent professionals. The participants on the course:

  • reflect on their teaching and the learning of their students, and link them to theory;
  • reflect ‘on’ action and ‘in’ action to promote a practical mindset while planning and delivering lessons;
  • analyze the strengths and areas for attention in their teaching, and come up with action plans to move their professional practice forward;
  • adapt the course content to be meaningful and relevant to their personal needs;
  • explore their own beliefs related to teaching and learning;
  • link theory, practice and their beliefs in constructing their teaching identities.

Participants on the course also need to attend all training sessions, actively participate in group discussions, complete a minimum of two peer observations tasks by reflecting at an adequate standard, and successfully complete:

  • two methodology assignments,
  • two language tasks for teachers,
  • two classroom observation cycles.