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General Information

The English Language Preparatory Program helps students acquire the required level of English for entry into academic programs in their chosen departments. The program has a highly qualified teaching body of approximately 150 local and international instructors.

Students registered to Bilkent University, based on their performance on the school’s in-house proficiency test called the Proficiency in Academic English (PAE), either start their degree programs or are placed in one of the five levels in the English Language Preparatory Program. Students may study in the program up to two academic years.

Through a learner-centered approach to teaching, the program equips students with English language and academic skills so that they could use their knowledge effectively in all aspects of life.





Our vision is to become a global leader in English language provision to equip students with the requisite skills to become successful in their academic studies in an English medium learning environment.

We provide a learning environment for students which:

.  Ensures they attain the level of proficiency in English necessary to continue their studies in the Schools and Faculties at Bilkent University and supports the further development of their English language and study skills throughout their study in the university.

.  Helps them develop their potential as critical, analytical, and autonomous learners as part of a commitment to whole-person learning.

.  Enables them to successfully adapt to university life, supports them in coping with the demands of academic study, and provides them with tools to embark on a fulfilling and successful life after university.

We provide staff with a professional place to work which:

.  Offers them opportunities for personal and professional learning and development

.  Encourages an open and enquiring culture to support institutional learning

We contribute to the maintenance and improvement of English within the university and the community at large