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Testing Unit

The Testing Unit is responsible for the development of all high-stakes standardised tests. These include:

  • Cumulative Achievement Tests (CATs)
    These are language and/or skills based tests, which are designed to encourage revision of course objectives in order to assess student progress and diagnose strengths and weaknesses.
  • End of Course Assessment (ECA)
    These are level specific achievement tests which are administered at the end of a course and reflect the benchmark students must attain in order to pass from one level to the next.
  • Proficiency in Academic English (PAE)
    Stage 1
    This is a placement test, which is administered to all students when they enter the university. Depending on their score, students are either placed into the Preparatory Program or are eligible to sit PAE Stage 2.
    Stage 2
    This is a proficiency exam, which assesses reading, writing, speaking, listening and language. It is administered 3 times a year and students who pass the exam can start their degree programs in the faculties.

In addition to exam preparation, evaluation, standardisation and training in all areas of assessment, the Testing Unit is involved in projects including benchmarking exams to the Common European Framework and supporting the development of formative assessment in the Preparatory Program.

Who is who?

Head of Testing
Özlem Ovayurt

Level Assessment Developers
Gamze Guner
Canan Suyolcu
Travis Brent Dingler
Özgür Taşkesen
Efser Civelekoglu

Item Writers
Özlem Mert Akkaya
Clare Yalcın
Fidan Bahar Altaş
Melike Ayşe Türkmenoğlu