Program Goals

During the course, English language instructors will be able to:

  • develop understanding of concepts and terminology used in English language teaching for describing form and meaning in language and language use,
  • gain a broad sense of learning theories, learner differences, learning preferences,
  • gain familiarity with curriculum specifications in an EAP context,
  • develop their skills in evaluating, supplementing, adapting and creating teaching materials according to the needs of their learners,
  • develop insight into planning lessons to meet their students’ needs, improve their skills related to classroom management and lesson delivery,
  • further their repertoire of teaching techniques to cater for different leaner needs,
  • improve skills in monitoring learners’ needs, progress, and giving oral and written feedback,
  • improve their reflective thinking skills on teaching and learning, and set goals for their professional learning,
  • improve their skill in adjusting their oral and written teacher language according to their learner profile.